Drinking our coffee means...

El Toledo Coffee

Flavors: El Toledo Coffee flavors are linked to the healthy way of farming. Chemical free for 30 years.

In an area that is up to 1000 meters above sea level it shows smoothness and fruity flavors that represent the efforts of the producer to keep a balance from growing to the cup.

With smooth citric notes and chocolate flavors in deep roasts.

With sweet caramel and fruity characteristics in medium roast.

And the light roast gets a very good balance from citricy and nutty flavors.

Growing: El Toledo Coffee farm is using permaculture design combined with biodynamic farming techniques. This means we don't have a monoculture and don't use pesticides to grow our coffee fruits.

This creates a very particular microclimate with special conditions to produce our coffee fruit with really good flavors.

Environment importance: Chemical free now for over 30 years and using more than 300 species of trees to shade the coffee; have a huge positive impact on the environment. And besides; in general speaking Coffee is a Golden fruit that is generally never used! To process coffee as we know it. 75% of the production goes to waste! -what? -yes, all the fruit part of it is removed from the seeds. To make it happen in the conventional way a lot of water is used, approximately 100 liters of water to make a cup of coffee. Insane right? By doing this the coffee fruit can not be used and it also contaminates the rivers.

At El Toledo we have a different process that unfortunately is not very common in our country; it only uses 1 liter of water to process 500 cups of coffee. That way we can collect and use the fruit part and make different products. Huge revert of the process. Big companies don't use this method because it is more expensive.

The History                                                                                                                                                                   

Since the 1990s Gerardo Calderon and his family stopped the chemical use on the farm because he had been sick with them. And also we have been developing a coffee production system based on the ideology of understanding nature and working with it.  We are introducing diversity and implementing methods of conservation which facilitate the production of coffee, but also protect the environment.

Our coffee processing methods are similarly environment-conscious.  We use a tiny fraction of the water required by conventional processing and introduce no chemical contaminants whatsoever.  This method minimizes energy use and virtually eliminates water use. We use the least amount of resources possible to provide the quality which our coffee requires.

We invite you to join in our efforts to understand the environment, and to work with nature instead of against it.  We would like you to see how we strive to minimize our ecological impact in order to preserve the environment for years to come.

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