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This is a small family farm so We need to be working on the farm and our other activities, so that´s why we are glad that you are reading how to book our tour so we can attend you without problems! Thank you very much!

If you don't book you run into the inconvinience of not find anyone sometimes

No pre-payment require!

How to book our tour? it's pretty easy!

JUST send us your required day and wait for an answer.

Tour times: 10am, 2 pm, as a reference, because when you get in touch we can schedule any time IF POSSBLE. 

THIS CALENDAR shows you, as a quick answer, our schedules, or if we are not available at all. IF THE DAY IS empty, we could be available.
  1. Empty: available with 1 day of booking time
  2. Not tours AT ALL: MEANS there is NOT way we can schedule a tour. 
  3. # people coffee tour:  means there is A TOUR Schedule that you can join if there are less THAN 10 people. 

The cost of it is $20 per person, but children younger than 9 do not pay!

Are you interested in having lunch as well? We don’t have a restaurant but we can offer a very good typical lunch. The cost of it is $8 per person. If so please mention that in your email! 

no pre-payment require!

We are open only with reservation 

Please understand that for us it is better to use emails, Sms, whatsAPP, but if you preffer; you can call to 506-8711-1221, sometimes we would not be able to attend you the same day you are calling!!, IF YOU CALL DORING TOUR TIMES is VERY CLEAR WE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO ANSWER. 

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We are opened only with reservation! we highly appreciate your understanding!

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