Then bridge that was closed it is now opend.!
great news right? updated today december 16!
This is the link to the site on map:


if you use Waze you can type El Toledo Coffee Tour, we recommend google maps:

Important: Many people take calle zacatal and get lost. Try to avoid that one. 

To get here is best to NOT trust it if it is not paved road!

A common mistake is to take sacatal road. Avoid it if you don't want to go on an adventure!

This is the small sign in next to the road:

These are some directions:
Best is by using Google maps. We are found by typing El Toledo Coffee Tour
We are located: at GPS coordinates N09°59.817' W084°25.773'
You can Type in your older GPS: Rincon de San Isidro, Atenas! you may not find our name but the town you are coming to!
From Jaco you can get on 27 get off in Atenas exit and from atenas, get on the road towards this towns: Palmares, B Fatima, B Mercedes, San Isidro, Los Altos, so if you are in town and is able to get on this road you just go on main road for about 7 kilometers, this also means you don't follow palmares signs, just the first one in Atenas downtown, then you follow B Mercedes, then San Isidro, then Los Altos.
from town first turn is a right to get off road 3d (at the intermittent traffic light, then straight about 4 kilometer when you find a bar at your right called "Herman’s Barr", at thins point you go right again, start coming down, cross two bridges and start going up, around one mile you go right again (at the AYA concret sign on a intersection coming up hill), and one more mile you'll be here!
El Toledo Coffee Tour directions from a visitor:
 approximately 5 miles from Atenas, 10 minutes by car.
1.  From Atenas on Multi Frio RIGHT BEFORE the yellow blinking light turn right towards Santa Eulalia.
2.  Now start following signs to Barrio Mercedes
3.  You will pass a red sign on the left Pulp Maria Jose - stay to your left
4.  After you go through Barrio Mercedes
5.  Turn right toward San Isidro
6.  You will pass a bus stop at a single lane bridge - stay left immediately after bridge. Don't take calle zacatal
7.  At the top of a hill you will see a big blue & yellow AYA sign at a fork in the road.  Stay right at this fork.
8.  The road gets very steep.  El Toledo is on the left about 1 mile after fork.
good look finding us!

This is if you are coming from road 3!!
From Escuela Jesús de Atenas to Home via C. Plancillo and Calle San Isidro.

11 min (5.7 km)
11 min in current traffic

1. Head west on Route 3 toward C. Plancillo
2. Turn right onto C. Plancillo
3. Turn right to stay on C. Plancillo
4. Sharp left onto Calle San Isidro
5. Turn left to stay on Calle San Isidro
6. Turn right to stay on Calle San Isidro
7. Sharp left
8. Arrive at location: Altos de Naranjo
For the best route in current traffic visit Open this direction on Google maps

This direction are if you are coming from road 27. 

From Expendio de Carnes LA AMISTAD to Home via Route 135.

24 min (13 km)

1. Head northwest on Radial Atenas toward Route 720
2. Turn right onto C. 3
3. Turn left onto Av. 5/Route 3
4. Turn right onto Route 135
5. Turn right to stay on Route 135
6. Turn left to stay on Route 135
7. Turn left onto C. Brujas
8. Turn left onto C. Morazán
9. Turn left onto Calle San Isidro
10. Turn right to stay on Calle San Isidro
11. Sharp left
12. Arrive at location: Home
For the best route in current traffic visit http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Expendio%20de%20Carnes%20LA%20AMISTAD&daddr=Home&geocode=FQUDmAAdQcD4-ikAAAAAAAAAADFg09pVIhbZsQ%3D%3D%3BFcWFmAAdlLH3-ikAAAAAAAAAADEAAAAAAAAAAA%3D%3D&dirflg=d

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