This is Gabriel Calderon from El Toledo Coffee Plantation in Atenas Costa Rica. 

Our family Gerardo Calderon, Sole, Raul, Ivette And
Gabriel, Samanta And Isabela are glad to tell everybody
we are healthy first of all, and second that we are opening an on-line shop with
our products. 

This idea has always been around. But we have run into the great opportunity
of always being able to sell our production locally. Nevertheless,
we are all (including all countries of the world) having a harder time
economically and humanitarian speaking... we have to be thankful
that so far health wise this is not affecting our families, and hope is
also not affecting yours. and have to have strength for what’s to come,
and how to overcome this problem. We get together and pray for the
world to change for the better. 

This is why now we are jumping into this new way of selling our products.
We have a humble on-line store that features some of the products
we have available in case you want to support our farm and enjoy any
of those products. 

for different reasons, as our family is very small in the business.
The platform we have is very simple but I hope it is enough to be
able to send you some of our products. 

Even though you were not interested or considered our prices are
too expensive due to the exportation or shipping process we are
thankful already for the support you have once given us.
That is why we send our gratitude to you for being one of our sponsors. 

We thank you once again and invite you to take a look at our on-line
store and share it with others if you want! 

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