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We want you to understand that if you decide to come to the farm and take the tour, we will need your previous booking so we can attend you! We also want to thank you for your decision to take our tour because you are supporting us and our way of farming! Unfortunately, because we are a small family we are limited to the days when we do the tours. So please visit our calendar 📅 to see if we are available for the date you had in mind before sending us a tour request!


To Fellow Travelers, Gardeners, Tourists, Coffee Lovers...

To Fellow Travelers, Gardeners, Tourists, Coffee Lovers...

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the vicinity of Altos de San Isidro, near Atenas, DO NOT miss a chance to take in the El Toledo coffee tour.  It was a life changer for me,  and not just because the coffee was the finest I've come across in my travels. (I worked in the coffee above Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii, years ago. I thought I'd never find coffee to compare with it. Wrong.) 

What captivated me about El Toledo, besides the first sip of their coffee, was the manner the finca, or farm, was managed: it wasn't just about money, bottom line, "We gotta make as much as we can while the makin's good" line of thinking or operating. It was that their work there captures the essence of what it means to be not just sustainable, but to nurture and give back to the land itself. I don't know if Gerardo (the father of Gabriel and Raul, husband of Sole, maestro of the forest) ever went to university or studied plants, but what I do know is that he has a repoire with them like few people I've ever met. (I'm apprenticed to one of the premier herbalists in the Pacific Northwest at this time. She knows what's afoot in the woods, in spades. I'm a lucky man to be a student of both these accomplished naturalists.)

His reverence for nature is palpable, his connection to her comes through in the way he moves, listens, sees and feels how the forest and its plants are faring. It's an honor to go on a walk about with the man.  And even though I don't speak his language well, I "get it"  when he explains what's going on with the forest. He worked in Big Ag, Costa Rican style, and got sick in the process.  Twenty years ago he knew he had to make a change, for him and his family.  And even though it was certain to be a financial challenge, the choice between dinero and health wasn't a question, not even.  He started the process of becoming an organic farmer, and has never looked back.

He's passing on his knowledge to his sons, who have taken up the process of learning and passing it on to others who are interested. Thankfully the world at large, or rather those on the planet who have woken up to the nightmare of what Big Ag is doing to us, are
becoming interested, and sustainable operations and universities who teach such practices are finding their way to Gerardo, Gabriel, Raul, Sole and Ivette, in increasing numbers and with a sense of urgency.

It's a good thing...

Get there if you can, it will change your outlook, if not your life...

Buena suerte to all,

John Davidson


Common questions!

How much would a Taxi charge coming there?

it depends on what taxi you take, if you take a red official taxi it would cost you from $9 to $10

if it is one pirate taxi the would charge you $7 the difference mightý not be in the service, the difference is mostly the insurance and permits that they have to cover!

What's the bus schedule to come up there?

you can check the bus schedule in this link:

Atenas-Altos de Naranjo #1245 is the service you look for if you come from Atenas central market to here!

there you can also find the bus schedule from Alajuela, or from San Jose to Atenas!

Do you Have signs in your place?

This picture was taken by a visitor to the farm!
so, this is the sign you need to look for! of course... he won't be there!

Do we need a 4x4 to get there?

As you see in the sign the road is paved all the way up here

Do you accept credit cards?

No yet, thank you for understanding!
how much is the coffee?
$10 a bag of 500 grams!

Our Map, Toledo coffee tour directions:

View Larger Map We are located: at GPS coordinates N09°59.817' W084°25.773'
You can Type in your older GPS: Rincon de San Isidro, Atenas! you may not find our name but the town you are coming to!

The best way to get here is by using Google maps. Even you don't have signal connection you can download the map when you had WiFi and it keeps working.

For those who do not have rented GPS, you can use your cell phone with the application called "waze" you can download it to your phone and find us, they work very good, they use google maps on which we are!

This map is an Atenas map, so from atenas town it is only 7 kilometers to get here!

Then, in front of our farm, we have this barrel that shows you where we are!

Direction of our place!
so in this map that has a Black line you can follow from atenas! I hope this can be understood!

Yes. These are some directions
We are located: at GPS coordinates N09°59.817' W084°25.773'

from atenas, get on the road towards this towns: Palmares, B Fatima, B Mercedes, San Isidro, Los Altos, so if you are in town and is able to get on this road you just go on main road for about 7 kilometers, this also means you don't follow palmares signs, just the first one in Atenas downtown, then you follow B Mercedes, then San Isidro, then Los Altos.

from town first turn is a right to get off road 3d (at the intermittent traffic light, then straight about 4 kilometer when you find a bar at your right called "German's Bar", at thins point you go right again, start coming down, cross two bridges and start going up, around one mile you go right again (at the AYA concret sign on a intersection coming up hill), and one more mile you'll be here!
El Toledo Coffee Tour directions from a visitor:
  approximately 5 miles from Atenas, 10 minutes by car.
1.  From Atenas on Multi Frio RIGHT BEFORE the yellow blinking light turn right towards Santa Eulalia.
2.  Now start following signs to Barrio Mercedes
3.  You will pass a red sign on the left Pulp Maria Jose - stay to your left
4.  After you go through Barrio Mercedes
5.  Turn right toward San Isidro
6.  You will pass a bus stop at a single lane bridge - stay left immediately after bridge.
7.  At the top of a hill you will see a big blue & yellow AYA sign at a fork in the road.  Stay right at this fork.
8.  The road gets very steep.  El Toledo is on the left about 1 mile after fork.
good look finding us!

good look finding us!

View Larger Map
Here there is a map that you can view and can be expanded:


how to make a better cup of coffee?

How to make a better coffee is not what I am going to talk about because we are all different!
As we are all different and have different palates, we all need to know better what the differences are among the different methods of preparing and different aspects we can change in any method of brewing!
regarding almost every method of brewing we can change this aspects:
1- Temperature of water. To have a good abstraction at the first time we can use about 95* Celsius. If we think it's to bitter! We can reduce the temperature. Or if we want more bitter it is matter of using more temperature!
2-Amount of coffee and water. 1 liter of water and 60 grams of coffee. Why grams? Well coffee beans get bigger the longer it is roasted. So if you change the type of roast you can still use the same amount of coffee by wait!
this is what makes this opposite of what we all thought! More coffee makes sour and less coffee makes it bitter!
3-ground size: Finer ground makes bitter. Course ground makes sour
4-speed of brewing: Of course that is adjusted with the method of brewing! But if we can go slower it makes it more bitter and going faster makes sour!


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