how to make a better cup of coffee?

How to make a better coffee is not what I am going to talk about because we are all different!
As we are all different and have different palates, we all need to know better what the differences are among the different methods of preparing and different aspects we can change in any method of brewing!
regarding almost every method of brewing we can change this aspects:
1- Temperature of water. To have a good abstraction at the first time we can use about 95* Celsius. If we think it's to bitter! We can reduce the temperature. Or if we want more bitter it is matter of using more temperature!
2-Amount of coffee and water. 1 liter of water and 60 grams of coffee. Why grams? Well coffee beans get bigger the longer it is roasted. So if you change the type of roast you can still use the same amount of coffee by wait!
this is what makes this opposite of what we all thought! More coffee makes sour and less coffee makes it bitter!
3-ground size: Finer ground makes bitter. Course ground makes sour
4-speed of brewing: Of course that is adjusted with the method of brewing! But if we can go slower it makes it more bitter and going faster makes sour!

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