One day tours in Atenas

Customized Mountain bike experience, Lunch, Coffee Tour, Hiking, views to the pacific and to the central valley, pre-colombin places are the combinations that we do on our one day Tours!

We provide the bikes in all the rides!

    1. Hiking, Mountain biking, lunch and coffee tour: $75 per person (description coming soon!)
    2. Mountain Bike, Lunch, Coffee tour and Hike: $75
    3. 5 Hours Hike, Lunch, Coffee Tour: $40
    4. Mountain Bike, Lunch, Coffee Tour: $70
    5. More options coming soon!

    the #1, #2, #4 options include: Bikes with safety equipment, T-shirts, Hydrants, lunch, Pick up and drop off in Atenas or Grecia Area, Snacks!
      All the prices are per person!


      A short Video of publicity in a local TV chanel

      Campaña "Vamos a turistear" le trae opciones para ir de paseo cerca de San José


      Toledo Coffee prices!

      Here there is the list of products we have!
      Note: prices do not include shipping cost!

      Organic Certified El Toledo
      This is our premium beans organic
      The bag comes with 500 grams
      Price is: $9.60

      We also proccess some beans from our neighbors. this is something that is helping us to contribute to the comunity, we pay them better while offering a better product to a better price to them, too.

      Either kind of coffee you buy from us is helping us to keep the same ideology and trying to get our neighbors into it as well!

      Non organic El Toledo
      These are the premium beans from our neighbors!
      There are bags of 250 and 340 grams
      Price are: 250 grams $4.70, 340 grams $5.65

      Non Organic Campesino
      These are not our premium beans but is rated very good for most of the regular papulation!
      Bags of 250 or 500 grams
      Price: 250 grams $2.35

      Note: this are the bags we handle, if you want an expesifique size ask for it! We'll custumize it to you!

      Are you a restaurant, or a place that uses a lot of coffee? this is the most convenient way of buying our product
      You can also get the amount you want in this kind of backet

      Pictures from visitors!

      Photos of El Toledo Coffee Tour, Atenas
      This photo of El Toledo Coffee Tour is courtesy of TripAdvisor Photos of El Toledo Coffee Tour, Atenas
      This photo of El Toledo Coffee Tour is courtesy of TripAdvisor


      4 Pictures of the Day

      Mariñon. The fruit above the cashew on a cashew tree.

      "Cashews are high in calories. 100 g of nuts provide 553 calories. They are packed with soluble dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and numerous health-promoting phyto-chemicals that help protect from diseases and cancers."

      "The cashew tree is native to Brazil’s Amazon rain forest, which spread all over the world by Portuguese explorers. Today, it is grown commercially in Brazil, Vietnam, and India and in many African countries."


      A flower in bloom off to the side.

      "The tropical zones of the American continent (Neotropics), where Costa Rica is located, contain a greater diversity of species and ecosystems, as well as a broader range of interactions, compared with other tropical regions of the world."

      A cotton boll
      How jeans are made and more...

      "Cottonseed is planted from early February to mid-May and the matured fluffy, white bolls are harvested from September through December.

      Spinning mills purchase bales of cotton then blend, clean and straighten cotton fibers into a continuous strand called sliver, which goes through additional processes prior to spinning.

      The spinning process reduces the sliver's weight and inserts twist in order to produce a yarn, which is then packaged and ready for the weaving mill."

      Health Benefits:

      "Lime juice and its oil are very beneficial for skin when consumed orally or applied externally. It rejuvenates the skin, keeps it shining, protects it from infections and reduces body odor due to presence of a large amount of vitamin-C and Flavonoids, both of which are class-1 anti oxidants, anti biotic and disinfectants."

      Photos by: Willina Cain All Rights Reserved


      coffee flower
      A coffee plant's flowers in bloom

      A section of a leaf, covered in butterfly eggs.

      coffee farm
      A red and white version of a flower from a previous post.

      coffee plantation diversity
      A hibiscus flower found outside the house.

      coffee farm
      A bowl of cashews and cashew fruit (marañon).

      Photos by: Willina Cain All Rights Reserved

      Volunteer program

      Be part of our volunteer program and get inmerse in coffee proccesing, organic farming, spanish language, and learn from who have learn from the farm!

      Through the days we have pleanty of different activities to do! so it's not only working on the coffee! you can learn how to start using your mind and hands together working with wood! doing what ever comes in your mind!

      you can Go painting any of the proyects we have!
      the school next door needs to be painted!
      the front wall looks enything else but the front of a school!
      in this case we already have the paint, need hands!

      you can start new proyects, like dehydration solar equipment to dehydrate fruits!

      build a ranch for tools at the farm!

      and there are more proyects in working the land!

      on fridays you can be part of the sales stuff!
      (this was one very rainy day by the way)

      coffee farm

      we have one apartment in the farm, with everything you need! You'll stay in the farm the time you want! If available!

      coffee farm
      working in the farm, helping us is something we see like a way you have to suport us, to tell us keep going, have more energy to talk to more people about becoming organic farmers!

      Thanks to all who have come!

      Thanks to the organizations that send us volunteers, like, Su espacio, School for field studies!

      thanks for filling us with your friendship
      friendship we will keep for life!

      Organisations that we are working with:

      A volunteer program at:

      Community Center ¨Su Espacio¨


      The Coffee Tasting

      Test your tastebuds with our light, medium, and dark roasted coffee.

      A chorreador (direct translation: dripper, or Costa Rican coffee maker) brews coffee for the coffee tasting. 

      From far left to right: (beige) coffee in husks, green coffee beans, coffee after ten minutes in the roaster,  light roast beans, medium roast beans, dark roast beans.

      Photos by: Willina Cain All Rights Reserved

      One day tours in Grecia

      Customized Mountain bike experience can be arrange for all day long!

      The setup for one day tours we have are: 
      Things to do in Grecia! Grecia: For all the info go to:

      1. Our day starts early visiting the majestic Poas Volcano, Bike back down to Grecia through only off-road trails on the natural reserve of the poas Volcano, have lunch with our Family, after Lunch we will take you to see waterfalls and springs where the community's potable water is captured, you choose if you want to bike or hike there: price: $120 per person, with a minimum of 2 people! Includes: bike with safety equipment, Hydratants, T-shirt, Ride on car to the top of the Volcano and Two Guides and the entrance to the Volcano, and also pick up in Grecia and Atenas Area! Note: this is for advance levels of down hill (not crazy, just good at off-road with rocks and slippery hills!
      2. Biking up hill to Poas Volcano From San Pedro of Poas on the road, get in the park, look at the crater, Have lunch, Hike in the park, Come back down hill through off-road and see some waterfalls! Includes: Bikes with safety equipment, Hidratants, T-shirt, Ride on car From Grecia or Atenas to Poas, and two Guides, also entrance fees to the national park! Everything for: $120 with the minimum of two people! Note, this is for advance levels of resilience! (People from poas can be picked up, but the drop-off is not included)
      3. Long Hike to Poas from the hills of San Miguel of Grecia! We Hike all the way up to the volcano through off-road and trails, get in the park, have lunch, hike in the park, and return all the way back on Mountain Bikes! passing to see waterfalls or springs where we capture our potable water to drink! Includes: Bikes with safety equipment, Hidratants, T-shirt, Ride on car From Grecia or Atenas to Poas, and two Guides, also entrance fees to the national park! Everything for: $120 with the minimum of two people! Note, this is for advance levels of resilience! 
      4. Hiking up and down to the Poas volcano, getting in the park, hiking in park, lunch, and Includes: Ride to the area where we start hiking,  Hidratants, Lunch, entrance fees to the park. This is for good hikers, can be done with only one person if the case, and the price is: $50 Pick up in Atenas Or Grecia Area!


      Looking for a Hotel room, or agency that offer our tours?

      This is the way our friends describe our operation:
      Note: Each of this tours are operated by the Hotel or travel agency administration, they send you here but they also use different services, So The estimation price is counting even more services than just our coffee tours! That's according to their locations, expectatives, Guides, Restaurants, Etc!

      Hotel location: Atenas

      Organic Coffee Expedition

      In times where the world is changing fast and we have all been told that we need to start making things different, here in Atenas we invite you to be both the witness and the performer of the action.
      In partnership with Café Toledo we offer you the possibility to experience in detail the behind-the-scenes of an organic coffee plantation in the heights of San Isidro de Atenas.

      Hotel location: Alajuela

      My Village Tour


      A day tour around the Atenas hills . . . with your guide and his family and friends.  You will need decent shoes/boots i.e. not flip flops and an understanding that this is a very rustic visit "the way it was".
      Young kids to antiques will enjoy this driving tour - the longest walk is through the "coffee jungle" which you can skip if you don't walk and sit and sip the delicious coffee made in the "jungle".  

      Click here to read more!

      Hotel: Orchid Tree Costa Rica
      Location: Atenas

      Hotel: El Paraíso Verde Atenas B&B

      Toledo Farm: Organic Coffee Production Trapiche cane Mill Tour

      What makes this coffee tour farm so different and interesting is that this farm was not created as a tourist attraction, but it is a small authentic family farm growing organic coffee in the ecological traditional way. 


      Toledo Schedule!

      Our schedule depends on our seasons!!
      We are open every day with reservation with 3 days ahead of time!!

      Or from Sundays to Thrusdays acording to our disponibility!

      Check out the Tours disponibility in our schedule!

      1- if there isn't any activity the day you want to come it's available
      2- if there is an activity check out the time it is, and if it is open to the public.

      If you have check that the date you want to come it's possible for us to share our tour with you you can now just send us an e-mail with your name, number of people that are coming, and the time you want it!

      or call: (506) 8711-1221


      What to do in Atenas!

      What to do in Atenas? 
      In this page you will find things to do in Atenas from my experience.

      Welcome to Atenas, my name is Gabriel Calderon V.
      I live in Atenas since I was born

      Let me tell you what you can find in Atenas, my native town!

      Let's start with acomodations!
      celebrate your life

      Infrastructure in atenas is good, we have plenty of Restaurants; we can spend one week eating in different places and we will never be tired of having the same! Hotels; we have many places to stay, not very big hotels (who want to be in a big hotel anyway, you can not find the real costa rica there) but very nice places where you can enjoy spending a night or weeks! sports centers, are you good at working out? there are gyms, soccer fields, swiming pools etc.

      There is going to be a Post for each category!

      CATUCA is our local turist and comerce center! they help a lot the town to go forward, helping with ferias, festivals, organicing the people in such a wonderful way to keep everybody working for only one purpose, keek atenas being the best climate for its people!

      What am I doing in Atenas?

      El toledo Coffee
      I grew up in a Coffee farm, now it's an organic coffee farm,We are proccesing our beans and doing Coffee tours, this is the picture with my wife and our coffee, but I created this for talking about my town, if you want more info about our coffee go to: El Toledo Coffee Tour

      Do you want to learn Spanish?
      There are Spanish Schools if you are interested in learning from profetional in the spanish teaching programs! Spanish and Fun is one of them! Spanish Immersion! Su Espacio, the comunity center in from of the gas station is one of them, too!

      I want to hear your opinion! let me know what you want to find here!

      1. Hiking!
      2.  Bycicling! Pura Vida Mountain Biking!
      3. Horse back Riding!
      4. Knowing about sugar cane mills!
      5. Knowing about old History!
      6. Knowing about Coffee Plantations! Coffee tour!
      7. Visiting Nursery Homes!
      8. Visiting orfanage!
      9. What about visiting A water fall! In atenas? yes!
      10. Be a Volunteer cleaning Rivers!
      11. Be a Volunteer at the schools!
      12. Be Volunteer at women orquid organization!
      13. Visiting Hydroponic growing vegtable garden!
      14. Being a volunteer in an organic coffee plantation!
      15. Hiking through the mountains!
      16. Looking at a very old train bridge and its canyon! 
      I'll be creating new posts one for every category!
        Send me a email if you want to know more about what Atenas has!

      There is also a news paper on line you can get called Atenas Today! it's a Pdf file, easy to read!it's also very easy to find!

      Provably in another post I'll talk about what you can find close to Atenas so you can know you can use our town to stay while visiting different and interesting places, but this is what you can find in most of the pages or websites! so, let's just talk about Atenas!

      Volunteer at a coffee farm

      Atenas has a great amount of things to volunteer in!

      you can get in touch with Tina at Su Espacio, this is a comunity center that offers different programs of volunteering!

      Through Su Espacio you can go to do great help in more than these oportunities:

      1. Women orquit Farm
      2. Volunteering at a coffee farm go to Volunteer, El Toledo to see more!
      3. Orphanage
      4. Handicaped Center
      5. Organic Coffee farm
      6. Cleaning Services to the comunity!
      7. Cleaning Rivers!
      8. Helping at Schools!
      9. Teaching English to Ticos!

      *Pura Vida Mountain Biking
      Are you interested in biking through places only costaricans know! we are opening a bicycling tours operations where we want to enjoy as we offer you a whole different Idea of biking!

      Do you know there is a place to hike in Atenas?

      Great Hike!

      Amazing View!

      There is a place we can go to hike, it's not in a forest, it's through the sorrounding mountains of Atenas, in which you can see along the way the pacific occean! it's a great wide view you will find if the weather allow it!

      get in touch through this email for more info!


      This is the list of hotels and contact info!

      They might not be clasify as hotels, but who cares, a B&B can be better, nicer, cleaner, etc. people from Atenas call them all Hotels, not B&B. or whatever!
      1. Hotel Vista Atenas
      Tel: 2446-4272
      Cel: 8317-6993
      1. Hotel Colinas del Sol
      Tel:  2446-4244
      1. Hotel Poco Cielo
      2. Hotel Paraiso Verde
      1. Hotel Huetares
      1. Hotel Villas de la colina
      2. Hotel Anas'place
      3. you can also count with a lot of rent homes! or rooms with a host families!
      This is a list of hoses you can rent as well as apartments!

      1. Apartment in Los Altos de San Isidro, one bedroom, one kitchen, one lundryroom, and great landscape! want to know more? go to Apartment



        1. Chichorronera El Trapiche! actually, in here you can see how sugar cane become our brown sugar!

          Tel: 2446-7511

          La trilla

          La casita del cafe

          El cafetal

          El toro

          La trocha del boyero

          chicharronera don Yayo

          Fiesta de las pupusas salvadorenas



          Soda Tio mano

          Soda las tres hermanas

          El Guanacaste

          and much more that I need to remember!



      We have a very good transportation service!

      Starting with being transportated from Alajuela or San Jose, we have buses that come and go aproximatly every hour!

      then we have bus services to every small town in Atenas!

      bisides that, taxi serivise is pretty good, for not guessing I'll just say more than 100 cabs!

      We also have private services very high recomened!

      one of them is Walter's!

      He is a young guy who has a taxi and a ban, he is a tour guide, so he can also show you Costa Rica while you stay in Atenas! sounds ironic, but, from atenas we can go to almost every small town in Costa Rica and come the same day!
      He is also a pilot, so, want to fly over costa rica, talk to him about it!

      I'll keep updating this!
      Find on this guide more of what you can do in Atenas CR
      Trip advisor guide to Atenas CR


      An Article Written By A Friend

      A friend of ours wrote an article fairly recently about the farm.  Check it out here.

      sharing their costa rica experience


      Toledo Coffee Farm Photos

      Coffee Farm pictures
       lot of pictures I'll be uploading here!

      Photos of El Toledo Coffee Tour, Atenas
      This photo of El Toledo Coffee Tour is courtesy of TripAdvisor

      Who we are!!!

      My photo

      Toledo Coffee Tour is a small family operation based on sharing a message to the world; We can live in harmony with Nature!
      Tour de cafe Toledo es una pequeña operación familiar basada en transmitir un mensaje al mundo; si podemos vivir en armonía con la Naturaleza!

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