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Welcome to El Toledo Organic Coffee Tour.
Toledo Coffee Tour

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This is a project to educate about how to understand nature better and work with it! This Coffee Farm is a family owned business, and more than a business a way of life that we want to share with our visitors!
this coffee tour is simple, humble, but shows what we do with our heart! this is not a webpage, this is a blog created by Willina; a volunteer that we had in the farm! thanks her we can get our message to you!
Toledo coffee is a proyect  of production in harmony with the environment. Trying to use all the resources require in the most minimum way and without an impact to nature! To be able to reach this objective it is necessary a lot of changes, the first of all, ~a different way of living~ we cannot think that the most important thing is the money, because our health, our future, and the environment are priceless! 
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Once we achieved this change, the next step is matter of understand and open our eyes to everything we do in order to preserve our future and our health. In another words, avoiding to use that one thing that harm our health and put in risk our future! One of the main aspects to understand is nature, as simple and as complicated as it is! Nature acts wisely. it is able to make everything grow in harmony, however, when we try to control everything in our own way, we break all those functions using techniques that would make more problems instead of doing better! 

Toledo Coffee Farm Tour
Did you know people can grow organic products and still be against the environment? 

We've learnt so many things in our 20 years experience that we want to share with you! Now, all the production is NOT only using the standards of the organic certification we have. It's using the standards of nature to work with and not against it as organic certifications allow us to! 


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otherwise you won't find anyone sometimes
How to book our tour? it's pretty easy!
we have 2 normal tours in a day, 10am and 2pm, we could also do early mornings and late afternoon if requested (8am, or 4 pm)

3 steps only for booking: 

1- check disponibility in our calendar bellow (same one you alreay saw in main page):
This would show you right away our availability to do the tour the date you have in mind!
2-Send us your reservation info: date, Name, # of people & Time! to
3-receive a confirmation e-mail from us! if you do not receive any confirmation for us, it means it is not booked yet, so we won´t be ready for you! or might not even be at the farm!
If the day is empty, it is available!
if not, click on activity, read it and there are other activities we do, you can join other people if it says opened to public in the activity you want to join!

The cost of it is $15 per person, but children younger than 9 do not pay!

no pre-payment require!

We are open only with reservation from Sunday to Thursday! From 7 am to 6 pm

Please understand that for us it is better to use emails, but if you do not have time, you can call, sometimes we would not be able to attend you the same day you are calling!!

We are located between the international airport and the central pasific! so, it's on you way down to the ocean, 10 minutes away from the main road!

Coffee tour located 40 minutes from the airport! the perfect introduction to a costa rican culture, and so much more!

Who we are!!!

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Toledo Coffee Tour is a small family operation based on sharing a message to the world; We can live in harmony with Nature!
Tour de cafe Toledo es una pequeña operación familiar basada en transmitir un mensaje al mundo; si podemos vivir en armonía con la Naturaleza!

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